Signals and Systems

Spring 2013

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Spring 2013: 6003z.amolbhave.in
Fall 2012: fall12.6003z.amolbhave.in

Apr 24

The site is archived. If you want to lear 6.003, check out the OCW website at http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-003-signals-and-systems-fall-2011/. If you are interested in learning 6.003z right now you can checkout the Fall 12 website: fall12.6003z.amolbhave.in

Best of luck!

Feb 19

6.003z has started! You are expected to watch two lectures a week and solve the relevant homework problems in each week. The homework problems has no deadlines but it is advised to complete them within a week of watching the lectures.

Enjoy the course!

Feb 02

6.003z course is going to start from February 18. A calender has been published which you can see using the above link.

Jan 08

Welcome to 6.003z! This is a students led initiative whose purpose is to cover the fundamentals of Signals and Systems. If you aren't registered yet, click on the Register link to enroll yourself in the course. You are recommended to follow according the course calender (link is on right column), watching the lectures and doing the weekly homework assignments. Best of luck in learning Signals and Systems!

If you have any doubt or suggestions, feel free to contact us at 6003z@amolbhave.in